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Concept Homes Design ~ House construction, interior design, equipment Your home construction comes with a 10-year structural warranty and replica maintenance. Gplus Design and Construct ~ Home Repair, Renovation, Construction As a general contractor, you can expect a team of professionals to guide your project from planning to real life (in this home). Archian Builders is a construction team based in the Philippines that ensures the construction of interiors, houses, buildings and roads. They also listed the processes and down payments required to start your home. For every project, whether it is home design, home construction, home renovation, interior design and interior design as well as the construction and maintenance of commercial buildings, we are the contractor who has always applied his quality without compromise. Working with valuable clients, architects, engineers and interior designers, a builder in the Philippines who has consistently exceeded expectations and delivered distinctive projects on time and on budget. With unparalleled management and organizational skills and an artisanal enthusiasm for the profession, we are the construction company that takes care of the most complicated projects without losing sight of the smallest details. Without trying too hard, Agila House best embodies the nation-building promise of most builders and contractors – without having to list it. You can help build the house of your dreams, whether it`s a modern or classic design, at an affordable price. Top-Notch Construction Company is a home designer and builder you can trust and rely on.

We are the customer who puts safety and quality above all else. As an entrepreneur, we put the interest of our customers above us and ensure that all requirements are met to a satisfactory level. We are an honest entrepreneur who values our integrity so much that it gives us the strength to continue pursuing our goals. “Homelockers Construction and Development has been in the construction industry for almost 7 years. With his first project in Orion, Bataan, he was praised for building an elegant and luxurious prefabricated home for Filipino families. Home Lockers has its own system in which your home can be earthquake and fire resistant, cooler atmosphere, asbestos. They managed to develop interesting concepts such as house A or the house that attracts light. It`s not just the houses they built. They have gyms, hospitals, retail stores and many, many homes on their list.

Reliable Home Builders has been part of several home/home projects that involve planning, execution or construction and maintenance or modernization (expansion/renovation). Choose from a variety of home models. There are designs for small families and large families. They also have a team of over 40 professionals who work harmoniously to successfully complete your home. If you`re looking for a full list of contractors in the Philippines, I`ve also listed them all in this directory (including costs, valuations, and projects). RCLA Architects meets the Maru Builders, so this powerful team is ready for your Design + Build challenges. If the word iron sounds familiar, you might think of the EisenTownhouses, which are also creations of EisenBuilders under their company EisenProperties. MRAquino Design and Construction ~ Renovation, Home Repairs, Carpentry, Masonry, Tile Installation Acquiring your own home is an important step and perhaps the biggest investment you will ever make in your life. In your 20s, you begin to realize how fundamental it is to have your own space. These builders provide the interior and architectural design, all the construction work you need to make your home functional and solid, and consulting work. If you are planning to build a house here in the Philippines, the first question you will ask yourself is how much does it cost? And with these costs, ask the contractor if it is safe and sturdy to withstand typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters. The Reliable Home Builders team addresses this issue by providing a detailed estimate that is transparent to our valued customer.

No guessing is allowed to ensure that Reliable Home Builders completes your project base from your application, budget and contract. All services are taken into account, from soil preparation to hull construction and finishing work. Epitome Dream Builders ~ Home Building, Hardware Delivery This is how they defined the variations of their work: a home contractor, builder, home builder, home builder, home builder, homebuilder, contractor, and construction company. Smarthouse Corporation ~ prefabricated modular homes and buildings Address: 10 Agilahouse, Appleton cor. Aberdeen St. Vermont Park, Antipolo, Rizal HomebuildersPH Construction, Inc. ~ build-now-pay-later home design and construction Your home should be a place of harmony, comfort and beauty – with a touch of local pride. However, they dominate their territory so much that they offer both the construction of houses and part of their services. Top-Notch Construction is a home builder that uses the best tools, materials, people and results. Now, with Ocean 88 Construction, anyone can own the dream home they`ve always wanted. We are committed to what. Whether you want a bungalow, two floors, duplex, townhouse, apartment, commercial building or office building and renovation, we do everything at prices you can afford.

You may have come across this word several times, especially with general contractors. With our qualified and experienced staff, Homelockers is your best partner for the construction of your home. We follow and accept the correct philippine standard building code in all our projects. We support the quality of our manufacturing. The design and development of Homelocker is what you need. Built Spaces Contracting ~ designs, builds, expands and renovates homes, offices and other types of low risers Reliable home builders ~ Residential construction, pool construction after a meeting with many contractors, I found Concept Homes Design to be the most competitive price. They are also ready to start immediately. I was surprised by the fast and friendly service provided by the team. They did a quality and professional job. .