We are the experts.

We created the field of robotic overground body-weight support technology from the ground up and have an unparalleled understanding of “why” and “how”. Our expertise and experience in rehabilitation robotics has made us the experts that no others can match.

We strive for perfection.

Like a fine Swiss watch, our products are hand built by the very engineers who designed them.  We only use the highest quality components in every facet of our devices. This ensures our customers receive products that have the highest level of safety, quality and reliability, not to mention superiority in performance.

We continue to innovate.

We changed the future of rehabilitation forever with ZeroG. Nothing like it had ever been seen before. We advanced the field with ZeroG Version 2 when, for the first time, biofeedback could be used for balance activities using dynamic body-weight support and fall protection. We continue our mission in developing innovative advanced rehabilitation technologies.

We believe in customer service.

We don’t just sell customers a piece of technology.  We build long-term partnerships with our customers and are committed to the highest-level of customer service.