Using ZeroG with Multiple Sclerosis

Playing soccer in ZeroG at Nemours duPont Children’s Hospital

Gait and balance activities in ZeroG

Pediatric patient walks in ZeroG

Demonstration of ZeroG features

Falling in ZeroG with Dynamic Fall Recovery

Walking in ZeroG with a balance disorder

ZeroG dynamic BWS demonstration

ZeroG-Lite Robotic BWS Treadmill System

Double Amputee runs and jumps in ZeroG at Mary Free Bed

Mike demonstrates what can be accomplished with and without ZeroG

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital shows off their new ZeroG

Demonstration of ZeroG integrated with a Woodway treadmill

Dynamic BWSTT with ZeroG-Lite Treadmill System

Young girl uses ZeroG at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network

Walking with 30% dynamic body-weight support in ZeroG

3 year old using the ZeroG Gait and Balance System

Walking in ZeroG at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis

Using ZeroG on a balance beam

Using ZeroG after a Spinal Cord Injury

Sit-to-Stand in ZeroG

Child with Cerebral Palsy walks up and down a step in ZeroG

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