Webinar: “Turning Control: A Dynamic Balance Functional Activity”

Source: APDM

Join OHSU’s Dr. Fay Horak and Dr. Martina Mancini for a webinar entitled “Turning Control: A Dynamic Balance Functional Activity.”

April 21st, 2016:  12:00-1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

1 CEU Credit

This webinar covers the significance and challenge of controlling turning, or locomotion on a curved trajectory, for rehabilitation of dynamic balance.

We discuss the physiology and biomechanics of turning and what goes wrong with turning ability in the elderly and patients with Parkinson’s disease.  We show how measurement of turning with body-worn sensors has provided insight into the frequency and quality of turning in everyday life and how it relates to fall risk and neurological impairments. A better understanding of turning as a complex motor skill will help physical therapists develop more effective, innovative approaches to rehabilitation of mobility and reduce risk of falls.

Limited space available!  Register now to attend – $39 

Recording will be provided to those unable to attend live webinar.


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